Privacy Policy

We rate cryptocurrency casinos for a living, meaning that we know how much our users value the confidentiality of their data. Our Policy Privacy outlines the manner in which CryptoBlokes uses and gathers your personal information.

By using this website, you agree to the guidelines listed below.

The Information We Collect

We collect three types of data:

Voluntary – you can choose to give us your name and email address.

Non-sensitive – we use cookies to gather IP addresses, geolocations, and similar data. This is information that is already a matter of public record.

Non-identifiable – perhaps the most important type of data that we pay attention to is the kind that tells us how many times our website has been visited, what kind of actions our visitors perform here, and the like.

Usage of the Collected Information

The only reason why we use this information is to provide you with the top-notch experience you deserve. We want to tailor our content to your needs and interests so that you can have a one-stop-shop for all your crypto gambling endeavours available at your fingertips 24/7. Our business blossoms if you, our readers, like what you see.

If you give us your name and email, we will use them solely for replying to your inquiries and sending you promotional materials, which you can accept or decline whenever you like. There are two more rare occasions on which we may need to use the collected data and that’s to settle any disputes that may arise or inform the appropriate authorities if we suspect any illegal activities.

Security and Safety

We take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the information you entrust us with. However, CryptoBlokes contains external links to third-party websites, whose actions we are unable to control. Therefore, we can not be held accountable for the information you share on those platforms. If you suspect that an online environment is unsafe, you should leave it immediately.

Know that we will not rent, sell, or share your information with anyone. The only exception to this rule are situations in which we are obligated by law to do so. Even then, the data will be made exclusively accessible to third parties that investigate, discover, or prevent fraudulent or illicit actions.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of data that web browsers store on your computer. They are harmless, and their sole purpose is to improve your stay on a particular website by “remembering” details about each user’s session. There is no need to worry about viruses or malware as cookies are unable to transmit them.

Due to their benefits, using cookies has been considered common practice among website operators for years now. Seeing as our primary goal is your enjoyment, we could not help but employ these methods as well. Know that you can always accept or decline the use of cookies.

The following links can assist you in deleting or disabling cookies on your browser, regardless of the device you are using it on: